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"He who has bold dreams goes far!"

Author and life coach

All my experiences and observations from my long years spent in a foreign country, meeting different cultures and women of all nationalities, one wonderful day helped me to conclude that the Bulgarian woman is a very qualitative and valuable person who is underestimated both by herself and by others. This also inspired me to write my first book “Sherry”, which is dedicated to the Bulgarian woman and deals with deep, universal human issues.

English teacher

From Gotse Delchev, through Blagoevgrad to the exotic city of Abu Dhabi, America and back… I have always immersed myself in the local culture and at the same time improved my English. At the same time, though, I could see how other Bulgarians didn’t find it so easy to learn. With my video lessons, you will love English and easily progress to higher levels. I try to explain everything in a language that everyone can understand, with a sense of humour, and to make every lesson an enjoyable challenge.

Do you wonder what kind of lessons do I make?


Nikolaya was born at the end of spring 1974 in Gotse Delchev. She graduated from high school in her hometown and headed to Blagodevgrad for her higher education. She enrolled in law, but later found out that it was not her field and decided not to graduate. She decided to follow her inner urge to travel the world and her first stop was the exotic city of Abu Dhabi. There, she immersed herself in the local culture while improving her English.

The Middle East proves to be narrow for her parameters and she heads to the land of vast possibilities. America became her home for the next 15 years and is what she was looking for. Namely – the chance to explore worlds, continents, cultures. The quantity of years spent outside the homeland, Nikolaya transformed into quality, through her literary works and broadcasts. Having accumulated a wealth of life experience, she was ready to return and found refuge in her hometown, where she wrote her first work of fiction, Sherry.

Her mission is to make the world a better place. She loves to laugh and make you laugh. She loves to dance and enjoy the little things in life. Nikolaya loves people and wants them to be happy. She can give you practical advice when you need it most. It can help you prioritize your life. She is here to help.